Overlapping vectors

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Overlapping vectors

Post by svberg »

In the attached file there are many overlapping vectors.
I would like to make a profile toolpath were all these vectors are traced.
But when generating the toolpath I get "xx overlapping vectors will be discarded", and Im not getting the desired result.
As can be seen all the "tiles" are stacked next to each other with all the straight lines as overlapping.
Any way to get rid of the overlap?
regards svein
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Re: Overlapping vectors

Post by zeeway »

Not sure what you want to do...but I think the issue is duplicate vectors rather than overlapping vectors.

If you select EDIT select duplicate vectors, and move them to a new layer. Then make the new layer inactive. On the original layer, select all vectors and profile "ON" the vector, and generate toolpath.


Is this what you are looking for?

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Re: Overlapping vectors

Post by dond52 »

I just reworked your drawing in a matter of a few minutes. What I done was #1) I moved the Profile triangle and the assembly slot to another layer #2) Deleted all of the tile EXCEPT the one in the upper left corner #3) remove the left side straight leg from your tile #4) used the array tool to cover the entire roof. #5) deleted the extra pieces outside of your triangle. #6) used the scissors to trim the tiles on the hypotenuse and inside the assembly slot #7) used the poly-line tool to connect a few tile on the left edge near the assembly tabs. That got rid of all of the overlaps. You should now be able to do whatever you like.

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Re: Overlapping vectors

Post by garylmast »

Under Edit, go to Select All Open Vectors. Under Edit Objects, if you try to join them all once, they will go weird, so you may have join them with a straight or curve line one at a time.

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Re: Overlapping vectors

Post by tmerrill »

Hi svein,

I agree with Angie and believe you are seeing the warning about duplicate vectors being ignored. However, I am confused as to what you are seeing where the results are not correct. You should be using a Profile-On toolpath to follow a design like this. Can you give us more detail (including a picture) or post the file again with your toolpath included?

If it is the duplicate vector warning you are seeing, you don't really need to do anything in this case as the program is already ignoring them. But, if you want a clean design then do something similar to what Angie recommends and use Edit>Select all Duplicate Vectors but then just hit delete on your keyboard. They are duplicates and not needed.

As another minor issue there is a stray open vector shown circled in the snip below. You may want to delete that.

stray vector.JPG

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