Anywant to try making a model for me?

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Anywant to try making a model for me?

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I just don't seem to find time to make this and I am a bit rusty so I am asking if anyone wants to make a stab at modeling this. It is for a local church the I do business with and I will be v-carving a 4ftx8ft sign for a Christmas Tea gathering. They came up with this teapot that they absolutely have to have. I tried to get them to use the one off the Vector3D site but the little ole lady's didn't go for it, they said it looks too much like a coffee pot. Now my thinking is what did I get myself into? I suspect this tea pot and cup with be about 12 inches tall, 16-18 inches across and will be cut out of 3/4" wood. I don't think you have to worry about the flowers on it as they will hand paint this. I am willing to pay/donate/praise what ever to get this job out of my garage. Work has been busy so work is what I do first. Thanks for looking.
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Re: Anywant to try making a model for me?

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PM sent
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