V-groove bit problems

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V-groove bit problems

Post by DLWoodworking »

I make signs and require a v-groove bit with a true point. I've been using the Whiteside bit #1507 and needed a new one. I saw they now have #1508 listed as a replacement for #1507. Unfortunately, the tip does not come to a true point, but rather has about 1/16" of flat space on the tip, making it useless for what I need it for. I had the same problem in ordering a similar Freud bit. In talking to a tech at Whiteside, they say they are still working to improve that, but at this time, that's the best they can do, and will no longer be making the #1507. It looks like I can find some places that still have a few #1507s left, and will order them, but in the future I wonder what my options are. Anybody else having this problem or know of any other companies making bits with the same specs with a TRUE point to them? I need a bit that will create both the deep cut and the fine point detail. This is the product description of the 1507:
90 Degree V-Groove C/T router bit. 1-1/2" cutting diameter. 3/4" point length. 2-3/4" over all length. 1/2" shank
I appreciate any help.

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Post by Paco »

Her-Saf come to a 0.014" (or so) offset cutter edge point.

The Onsrud I have tried were true point but "artisan grinded" point... :?

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Post by Rcnewcomb »

Some possibilities:
Gerber P56371A 1.25" with a 1/4" shaft http://www.gspinc.com/products/routers/ ... rving.html
CMT 815.690.11 0.75" with a 1/2" shaft http://www.cmtusa.com/
Onsrud 37 Series http://www.onsrud.com

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