Puzzle Lock Kids Furniture Designs

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Richard Warnell
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Post by Richard Warnell »

I would like more information also. Ee-mail me at warnell77@verizon.net

the cabinrt rabbit :)

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Post by DennisLunde »

I would be interested also - email me at mffrr@earthlink.net

Thanks Dennis

Vectric Wizard
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Post by kzeyus »

I'd be interested. kzeyus(at)yahoo.com

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Post by darde »

Looks interesting david@westernarchrib.ca

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Design Cost

Post by tommoser »

What is the cost to buy the designs and how will they be packaged, 1 design per package or a group of designs for one flat fee.
Also, will you be providing .crv files or cut files or both? If cut files, for what machine type?
Also, what will the licensing and reselling terms be for cutouts we make from your designs?

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Post by Kimon »

Has anyone heard back about this? I received a reply a few days after this thread was posted but no real info. I was really excted about this knockdown stuff for the holidays but I guess that has passed.

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Post by kevinl »

Same story here. I was also going to bump this thread up.

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Puzzle-Lock Update

Post by NSchlee »

Sorry for the slow reponse on this everyone....got swamped for Xmas. :oops: We've decided to make the files viewable/downloadable sometime during the first quarter of the year. Will post here and email all interested when their ready, just couldn't geter done by the holidays.

Thanks for the interest.

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Post by Kimon »

You see what you started? Man you get us all worked up about potential new projects (Like I really need another) then you tell us sometime in the new year.

Well I guess we will just have to wait.

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Post by den73160 »

Add me to the list for the knockdown furniture :D den7160@hotmail.com

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Post by Paul_n »


Please add my email to your list: jpcd40@adelphia.net

Thank You


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Post by truman »

I would also like some info herdsmith@xplornet.com

thank you

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