need come creative design help

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need come creative design help

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Everyone, I haven't posted much but I respect the people here and I've gotta ask for help once again. My mother paid off the mortgage and is planning on giving my dad the deed as a present this clue on his part....(Hope that I can have mine paid off at 62)

Anyway, I wanted to put together a plaque that says something like "Paid off" "free and clear", 'interest free zone" or something but I'm really at a loss for a clip art background and I was wondering if the creative geniuses here could help out with some ideas that would commemorate this occasion, I'm seem to be having some serious writers 'block' :oops:

Any ideas would be welcome, after screwing around for the last few hours I though that I'd ask here as I gotta get some sleep before the sun rises.


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Re: need come creative design help

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Will this work? :D :wink:

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