Digging Too Deep

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Digging Too Deep

Post by jimwsmith »

In setting up a simple trial project, I’ve set the Start Depth @ 0.0 and the Cut Depth @ .005, using a 1/4” Down cut end Mill. The Pass Depth is set at 0.25 with a 40% Stepover. The FEED rate is 50 inches/min and the Plungr rate is 30 inches/min. When I load the Pendant with the flash drive, the router immediately begins to plunge into the stock, going down to just shy of 3/4”, that’s when I panic, trying to find the STOP BUTTON.T I’ve deleted and rebuilt the tool path 4-5 times, but always getting the same results. It would be great just to cut this simple tool path, but apparently I’m doing something entirely wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated and needed. 🥵

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Re: Digging Too Deep

Post by adze_cnc »

You didn't actually tell what toolpath you are using but in a way it doesn't matter.

My guess would be that in VCarve you have set the "Z Zero Position" to "Material Surface" but your machine is set to use the machine bed.

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Re: Digging Too Deep

Post by Rcnewcomb »

Are you setting Z zero to the top of the material, or to your table surface?
Can you attach your CRV file so we can see how you set that up?

How do I upload files or photos to the forum?
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Re: Digging Too Deep

Post by martin54 »

Not sure if you are talking about a trial version of the software or just some project that you are trialing :lol: :lol: If its a project then try & upload the CRV file as has been suggested, if it's a trial version of the software then screenshots would be the best way to go as people on the forum won't be able to open a file created in a trial version of the software :lol: :lol:

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