Radial lines from a common point

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Radial lines from a common point

Post by bruce61813 »

I was working on a circular cribbage board and noticed the while using the "polyline" command, the starting point kept moving to the end-point of the last line. Is there a method of drawing radial lines from a common point without entering "0,0" each time?


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Re: Radial lines from a common point

Post by FixitMike »

Click the "Finish" button or the space bar to start a new line. Turn on the geometry snap so you can click on the start of the previous line (F4). Another method is to use the circular array tool.
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Re: Radial lines from a common point

Post by martindg »

Draw your first vector and then use the Circular Copy tool. Specify 0,0 (or the center point around which you want to rotate) as the Rotation Center and then indicate the number of copies that you want around a full 360 degrees and click on the Copy button. I've made bunches of cribbage boards in all sorts of crazy designs and the Circular Copy tool is a life saver.

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Re: Radial lines from a common point

Post by Tex_Lawrence »

... and, if you draw the line, click on it twice to get the handles and then click on the center, you can drag that center to on end.

Then when you do the Circular Copy tool, the circular center of the array will already be entered for you.

BTW, that center could be anywhere on the whole drawing if you like.
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