Odd Oval Shape

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Re: Odd Oval Shape

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Hi Every one
Thank you very much for your responses and your help
got so busy day at the shop got another fish to fry see attached please, and started now re working at this file and just did the Backed option , the result is great. :)
I did so many manual tries to get the slop as close as possible to what I what.
I mean the depth .
let us say, Material thickness is 1" inside slot depth needed at low end is 1/2" and outside slop needed dip is 1/8" now, at the modeling section property, what is the shape height i should enter?? 7/8?? since the outside high side is 1"-1/8" = 7/8 " Correct??

and at the toolpath level at the right side when i click on Set, i can see an error and material height is a way exceed the 1" so i have to set it manually using Gap above material option. is it how it has to be?

Thank you in advance

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Re: Odd Oval Shape

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