Pendant delay and router movement stop

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Pendant delay and router movement stop

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We have been using the Piranha XL with Vcarve desktop Ver 9.5+.for over a year with no problem, In the last few days I have been noticing the pendent taking up to a minute to recognize the USB. Also on my last project (drilling lots of holes) the router stopped X,Y movement two times in different X,Y locations and just stayed in one position with router still running . I really have no idea why this is happening. Can anyone help with solving these problems?

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Re: Pendant delay and router movement stop

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You might find some help on the shark forum. There are a number of threads about pendants: Pendant Shark Forum
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Re: Pendant delay and router movement stop

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Just for grins, you might want to re-format your usb...if it's one you continually use with lots of programming on it, or continually erase and reload programs, that can cause fragmentation and make things slow down.

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