How to stop wood warping?

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How to stop wood warping?

Post by Marwellca »

Howdy all,

I am trying to cut some larger projects and have been having issues with the final cut product warping. How can I stop this?

The woods I use are from a local millwork shop and are dry. Some of them are 3/4" thick, a lot are thicker. None of them are warped when I start, and usually when I finish the project, the wood is still flat. However, when I put it to one side for a while, and come back to it later, a lot of times the project is warped.

Getting rather frustrated.

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Re: How to stop wood warping?

Post by TReischl »

There is no magic solution or we would all be using it.

Using battens on the backside sometimes helps, though it can lead to splitting and cracking.

Removing some of the wood with a rough cut leaving plenty behind and then allowing it to rest a few days/weeks can work but takes planning and some figuring. It is what a lot of green wood turners do.

Ripping and rotating the strips 90 degrees and regluing works for me on large carvings. But, that introduces issues with how the surface looks, sometimes sort of striped.

It is not something that is easy to overcome.
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Re: How to stop wood warping?

Post by Robert L »

My good friend Steve always says: "anybody could do it with wood that doesn't warp"

It is always a battle and depends on the many factors, wood species, stress within, humidity and storage after the cut.
I have cut various species that would immediately cup after removing the clamps and in a week or so would be flat again, then
during the humid period look like a Pringle again.


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Re: How to stop wood warping?

Post by Rcnewcomb »

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Re: How to stop wood warping?

Post by litzluth »

Hi Marwellca,
Please see my post under this topic.

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