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Saved notification

Post by Peteg »

Something I'd like to see in the next release is a 'file saved' notification at the top left of the screen next to the file name.

i.e. if only the file name is displayed then changes have been made and not saved, once the file is saved it would show the file name and a saved to wherever note.

Just about every other program has this, and I find it really useful, particularly if I've made a trivial change, then gone to make a cup of tea, then come back only to wonder if I saved it or not.

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Re: Saved notification

Post by AdamJ »

Thanks for the suggestion Pete. I will add it to our customer wish list.


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Re: Saved notification

Post by Tex_Lawrence »

I would be happy with a FILE PATH indicator without having to go to FILE SAVE AS to find the path.

Most software has a FILE CHANGED indicator rather than a FILE SAVED indicator, but both would be nice! :D
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Re: Saved notification

Post by adze_cnc »


Rather than a "file saved" the reverse might be more advantageous: a "file edited" notification that gets cleared when the files is saved. This is what I find most in other programs.

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Re: Saved notification

Post by gkas »

I don't see the problem. :? If you make a project change, the program asks if you want to save before exiting. You can save, save with a new name, or cancel the exit operation. Why add more screen clutter?

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