Using the spoil to set your Z height

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Using the spoil to set your Z height

Post by cusoak »

I want to start using the machine bed to set my Z height.
What I need to know is 2 things
In the job set up what material thickness what goes in the the thickness of the material ?
The other is when setting up toolpath what goes in the depth of cut
Or is there a video on doing it that way.
Thanks Jeff

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Re: Using the spoil to set your Z height

Post by bravesoul1950 »


I have used both ways and I am currently using the spoil board to set my z height, you do not need to make any changes to the way you set up the job the Vectric software takes care of it for you. The main thing you have to do (in my opinion) is to be consistent and always check your older files prior to cutting to verify this change. I have made this mistake several times and it will bite you...


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Re: Using the spoil to set your Z height

Post by Adrian »

Doesn't matter which way you do it. The depth of cut and the material thickness are ALWAYS the same. You don't have to change those settings at all. The software does all the calculations for you. I've lost count of the number of posts I've read on other forums from people who insist that isn't the case but it 100% is.

As Joe says be very sure when loading a job that you know where the Z has been defined as you must make ensure that where you set in on your machine matches what the job is.

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