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The Barber Shop
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Project of the Month

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Too many projects are Aspire only, I enjoy doing these projects and bummed when a new one posted, only to find I can't do it.
Give us more VCarve projects of the month Vectric!

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Re: Project of the Month

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Vectric IS in the business of selling software, not providing projects of the month. Just sayin. . . .
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Re: Project of the Month

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Hi Barbershop!

I haven’t tallied-up the free projects lately, but I’m pretty sure the VCarve-compatible projects still outnumber the Aspire-only free projects in total from all who create them.

An effort is made to alternate creating VCarve projects and Aspire projects (using the most current software versions - I’m certainly not going to use old versions!). Personally, I’ve somehow ended up making more free VCarve projects than free Aspire-only projects.

I hope you will continue to enjoy making the projects that are compatible with the software you are currently using.
Michael Tyler

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