Engraving Arabic alphabet

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Engraving Arabic alphabet

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I'm trying to figure out how to engrave the 28 arabic letters into wood. Each board would have the upper, lower and open vowel for each letter. I have the arabic font on my machine with vCarve V9. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Engraving Arabic alphabet

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The Forum members will need more information

Size (Height and Width) of Letters/Characters

Depth of Letters/Characters into the wood


Type of Toolpaths you would like to use

V-CARVE Toolpath
Profile Toolpath
Quick Engraving

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Re: Engraving Arabic alphabet

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For right-to-left alphabets such as Arabic and Hebrew it is easiest to do the layout in Corel or Microsoft Word that has support for right-to-left. Print or save the results as a PDF file. Import the PDF into VCarve.

See this thread: ->Link

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