Despite the Facade

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Despite the Facade

Post by BigC »

I bid you a warm Welcome to 1 Edith Place my first attempt at a Georgian Dolls House (Edith being my late mother's name) and an actual real street within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. (London)
It was made from MDF and whilst I knew nothing about scale when I first started it, it quickly became apparent that things were never going to fit (especially decor)
I would like to at some point readdress this project as an heirloom for my granddaughter Evie Mae. as and when I get it proportionally correct.
For now, my main concern would be the front facade (the original was made pre CNC era) and I used small pieces of cork for the brickwork to give me a texture to resemble brick. I cut 1000's of these with a hobby blade and manually stuck them down. (such a long process)
Now I have a CNC I was wondering could this be achieved/carved via CNC (with possibly a texture although small)
The quoin stones were made from cut pieces of MDF, these too could possibly be milled from one piece.
Any help on strategies on how to approach this from a CNC/Vectric standpoint would be greatly appreciated.
There may be many more questions on this topic moving forward

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Re: Despite the Facade

Post by garylmast »

Nice project, but it's obviously tedious work doing by hand. In Vectric's clipart there's a stone wall pattern. If you google "Brick 3D models" you'll find brick 3d model, where some are free downloads.


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Re: Despite the Facade

Post by mtylerfl »

Wonderful project, C!

I love the cork brickwork you did, as well as the installation of the trim, door, windows - beautiful job!

Yes, your CNC can be used for a lot of the process, if you want. (The Aspire software can come in mighty handy for creating your own custom models.) “Tiny” bits may be in your near future, too.

I started a miniature project over 6 years ago, but set it aside (replica of an antique Wardian Case). Made lots of 1:12 scale miniature plants to put in it, but paused to think about going down to 1:24 scale to keep the size of the case more manageable. I “froze” until I make up my mind which scale to proceed with!

It looks like your project is 1:12 scale. That does make it easier for building and also buying accessories, etc.

You, and others, are very inspiring with the miniature projects! Thank you!
Michael Tyler

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Re: Despite the Facade

Post by TReischl »

That is quite impressive.

Going to take some planning on how to reduce into sub-assemblies.

If you are planning on doing the mill work portions on the cnc I would suggest looking into a very low profile vise of some sort and a usb microscope may be a help in tramming and aligning pieces.
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