When I load a DXF file it's to big

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When I load a DXF file it's to big

Post by cruisor »

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I have a DXF file I've been trying to load that I can't to be the right size. I've tried just opening and creating a file and then importing it and have had no joy with it. If someone would give me a hand with this I and a few friends would really appreciate it. I attached the file if you'd to take a shot at it.
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Re: When I load a DXF file it's to big

Post by adze_cnc »

What length and width do you think the material rectangles should be? They appear to be 800 by 600 units. This suggests millimetres. If that’s so are you creating a VCarve file that use mm as the input units?

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Re: When I load a DXF file it's too big

Post by Rcnewcomb »

It is also offset to the upper right.
After you get it centered (Edit/Selection/Select All Vectors then press <F9>) you will want to run the Vector Validator on the drawing to identify the vectors that aren't properly joined.
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Re: When I load a DXF file it's to big

Post by Adrian »

Create a job that is at least 1610mm wide and 600mm tall and whatever thickness is appropriate for your material. Import the DXF file, press Ctrl-A to select all vectors, press the F9 key to centre them in the material. You can now go back to the Job Setup dialog and change to inches if you desire.

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Re: When I load a DXF file it's to big

Post by SteveNelson46 »

As an alternative you can open it with V-Carve/Aspire and scale the drawing with the job size by putting a check mark in the "Scale Design With Job Size" check box in the Job Setup. Works with V-10. Not sure about previous versions.

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