Quail 3D model, anyone know of one?

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Quail 3D model, anyone know of one?

Post by Roysie »

Hi there, I'm, new to V-Carv Pro 10 and loving it. Here in New Zealand we have heaps of cheerful Californian Quail. We have named our place Quail Ridge and I would like to carve a 3 D model of a nice quail into a pair of gateposts. Does anyone know where I can locate a a nice 3D model of a fat Californian Quail please, love to hear from you, cheers, Roysie

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Re: Quail 3D model, anyone know of one?

Post by highpockets »

Found this one for $19 (on sale for $14) https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d ... el-1435391

But you may have to contact the seller to get a usable file format.
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Re: Quail 3D model, anyone know of one?

Post by ezurick »

As I mentioned in one of the other threads about 3D models, it is an open-range on the www when you get really specific on 3D models. I had a job that someone needed certain breeds of dogs on a mantle clock. For the life of me, I could not find anything specific (Yorkie & Pomeranian). I found a few that were close. But when I downloaded them as an STL and pulled them into Vcarve, it looked crappy. I had seen that the author appeared to more focused on 3D printing, rather than CNC machining. I pulled the model into my 3D printer software and it looked fine. So it is a "poke and hope" thing when acquiring models that are not specific to CNC. Sorry this wasn't much of help. Just wanted to emphasize the 3D model dilemma.

I looked through design & make models. I didn't see an actual quail, but if you look, maybe something would be satisfactory?


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