COMING SOON - 12 Projects of Christmas

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Re: COMING SOON - 12 Projects of Christmas

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russdent wrote:Merry Christmas and thanks for all the gifts, Vectric! The projects are a great way to get acquainted with CNC and the software.

Boycott Black Friday almost worked. I was excited to make some snowflakes and use up some thin scraps of wood that had been lying around for years. Not having a small cutter sent me out to the local woodworking store to deal with the traffic and crowds on Black Friday though. In the end, it was worth the hassle because the snowflakes are very popular!
My Merry Christmas sign was most fun because I got to combine elements from two projects and apply lessons learned from both. Applying them to an old piece of weathered barn wood made it really interesting. Now all I have to do is figure out how I'm going to finish it. LOL Thanks for the lessons, Beki and Todd!
I'm excited to get going on some more.
great job m8t they look awsome ....

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Re: COMING SOON - 12 Projects of Christmas

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Thanks guys! Wife and daughter both like the barn board so I guess I'm off to find another suitable piece of wood. I have so much to learn - but these projects really make it interesting.

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Re: COMING SOON - 12 Projects of Christmas

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Excellent Job Russ, much better than mine! I like that you have Holly in the corners that are VCarved and the contrast is lush! Thanks for posting! :D
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