Stacked Text start/stop depth question

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Stacked Text start/stop depth question

Post by tvannaman2000 »

I've got a question.. I followed the Vectric tutorial on making stacked text signs and they have you using start depth as 0 for every level and adding document variables to get the DOC.

TT-.1 top text
BT=.1 bottom text

Top text: start 0 DOC: ${TT}
Bot text: start 0 DOC: ${TT} + ${BT} (using Amana 60d bit .5 wide for both)

It looks great when you render the toolpaths in Vcarve, but when you go to machine it, it takes forever and a day to make that bottom text cut because it air cuts the entire top level before actually hitting any wood.

Thinking I'm so smart, I go into VC and make the following changes to bottom text: start: ${TT} DOC: ${BT}

It rendered the exact same in VC so I save my tool path and fire it up. Yep, it missed all the air carving but it also seems to have brutalized some of the top text. Not a good tradeoff. I immediately stopped the carve and set it back to way it was before and it is busy doing it's air carving.

My question: How does manipulating the start and DOC this way change how it actually works? From a logic standpoint, they are doing the exact same thing so why would it seem to be acting differently? I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this.


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Re: Stacked Text start/stop depth question

Post by adze_cnc »

Without an image to understand what "brutualizing" the top text implies or a VCarve file to try and diagnose your toolpath woes I offer the following:

to get your start: 0 ; doc: {tt}+{bt} version working try changing the "pass depth" of your bit to "0.25" for that toolpath. No more "air cutting".

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Re: Stacked Text start/stop depth question

Post by todd432 »

I think I have a similar problem VC pro 10 with stacked text.
The tool paths mess up lettering when doing the bottom text V carve clean up pass.
And when doing a texture path on the bottom, it dos not respect the boundary offset on some letters

I went back to 9.518 vs. V Carve pro. and it worked just fine.


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Re: Stacked Text start/stop depth question

Post by gregk »

Could any of the users experiencing this issue contact our support team ( please? If we can get a file that demonstrates the issue then we are more than happy to investigate.

Greg K

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