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Carving Script

Post by BigC »

I would like to carve some simple text onto thin bookmarkers made from oak. I know exactly what I would like it to turn out as but being a newbie I'm clueless on how to go about this and what tooling and setup needed within V Carve Desktop.
I don't want to use a laser to accomplish this task I would like to do it all on my CNC Workbee if possible.
What would be the best cutting bit to use and the setup strategy employed to achieve this

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Re: Carving Script

Post by highpockets »

A pic or two of what you're trying to do would help.

If you want to make the wood the actual bookmark it seems to me it would have to be really thin and very susceptible to breakage. It would also make it very difficult to carve script into it.
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Re: Carving Script

Post by TomGB »

I'm not nearly as experience as most of the guys on this site but I've used a profile toolpath on single line text with a small tapered ball bit cutting at a depth of .04". Try it on some scrap, varying the depth and see what works well.

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