Which Post Processor? Older MultiCam

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Which Post Processor? Older MultiCam

Post by ClickDraw »

Hi Everyone,
I have a friend and customer that has an older model of MultiCam CNC Router, probably 20 yrs old. He currently uses other software for his toolpathing. Where I work, we use your VCarve 10(just upgraded ...)Love it!!!! I'm trying to switch my friend over to VCarve. Is there a standard post processor in the list available that will work for his machine? I'll be the one setting him up if he switches so that's why I'm checking this for him.
Thanks very much,


Re: Which Post Processor? Older MultiCam

Post by ezurick »

When I do a google seach for MultiCam CNC Router, it comes up with dozens of different machines. I would think a detailed description of the machine and controller would help. Also, what software are you using to send the gcode to the machine (VC only generates the code for the PP). I use mach3, therefore I select the mach3 PP.

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