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Error message

Post by Lindsay »

I keep getting the error message: No toolpath generated for current parameters. Check tool can fit into selected vectors at machining depth. I have tried different tools and number of passes, altered the depth. Tried everything I call think of; can anyone help please?
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Re: Error message

Post by sharkcutup »

Have you tried the Vector Validator check on the clock mount vector? In Edit Objects 2nd row last icon which looks like a circled checkmark.

Using this will determine if vector has any errors which need to be corrected before a toolpath can be applied to the vector.

Reason I ask this is because I suspect that there is a problem with the upper left side of the clock mount vector.

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Re: Error message

Post by Adrian »

There is definitely an issue with the vector. You can see it from the picture on the left. There is an area where the dashed lines become solid. That is nearly always an indication of overlapping/crossed vectors.

As said above the Vector Validator is the go to tool when you get a seemingly inexplicable error like this. It won't fix the error for you but it will show you where to look if you don't spot the other signs.

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