toolpath problems...I'm stumped

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toolpath problems...I'm stumped

Post by boatman811 »

I'm creating some small trinket boxes with carved lids. In doing so I am creating all the component parts on one piece of stock. The top piece has finger "holes" created by adding small dish clipart on opposing sides of the top round ring. Works great. Now the problem. When I add the clipart to the top disc, a separated piece that has profile and pocket toolpaths, and add my rough cut toolpath it combines the dish toolpath with it and changes the depth of the roughing cut. It does not keep the toolpaths separate. WHAT am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.


Re: toolpath problems...I'm stumped

Post by ezurick »

What do you mean "when I add the clipart to the top disc"? In fact I honestly can't follow along with most of what you wrote. No offense, and perhaps it is just me. Might I suggest to break it down into steps when explaining. This might help. Also upload a copy of your file if possible.

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Re: toolpath problems...I'm stumped

Post by martin54 »

Can you post your file or if you can't do that then a screenshot or two of what you are doing, makes it much easier to understand what you are doing. It may be that you simply need to use boundary vectors to prevent unwanted machining but difficult to say for sure without seeing more :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: toolpath problems...I'm stumped

Post by Leo »

It sounds like you have one piece of material. On that material you have created the sides, top, bottom and all the separate pieces of the lid. After cutout of all the parts you will assemble the box.

After that, you have lost me.

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