Error 26/11 Circle not Congruent

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Error 26/11 Circle not Congruent

Post by TomSams »

I am getting a error that seems to be related to the programing. The error notification reads:
Error 26/11
Circle not congruent.

This project is a simple sign and the error is only showing up when I use a smaller (1/8") bit to clean up the lettering after using a larger (3/8") bit to hog out the majority of the material.

I am new to VCarve Pro and this is my first experience in sign making. The simulation within the program works fine, but when I get to this point in the GCode listings, this appears.

Thanks for any help you may provide.

Tom Sams

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Re: Error 26/11 Circle not Congruent

Post by Adrian »

What control software are you using? Sounds like the arc processing isn't setup correctly on it.

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Re: Error 26/11 Circle not Congruent

Post by TReischl »

From your post it sounds like the error you are getting is on the control, correct?

If so, then you probably need to direct this question to the Vectric Team.

From my experience over the years this sort of problem is rare on controls these days. It used to happen much more frequently in the bad old days. Generally speaking it is usually a rounding problem within the control software. If you think about it a bit it becomes apparent that numbers have to be rounded off because very few tangencies calculate out to precisely 4 decimal places. So they have to be rounded. I would guess after about 15 years and lord knows how many postprocessors Vectric probably has the rounding correct.
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