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Post by NormanAlbert »

so okay, I knew if I posted the question I would then find the answer. And I did. But is there a way to specify all vectors at once
or must each be selected by itself?

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Re: fluting

Post by lsvien »

Check out Paul Rowntree's web site. http://paulrowntree.weebly.com/gadgets.html

He has a gadget to do that called Green Squares. I've used a few of his gadgets and they work well. Smart guy.

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Re: fluting

Post by 4DThinker »

You can't change the nodes for all the vectors selected unless you find a gadget that'll do that. The fluting toolpath WILL work on all vectors you have selected though.
When I've bumped into the same problem, often it is easier to delete then redraw all the vectors starting each where you want the fluting to start.


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