Toolpath Creation

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Toolpath Creation

Post by pdeyo »

I have some patterns I purchased that are made to be cut from .125 plywood. These patterns have .125 slots in them to fit the pieces together. When I try and create a toolpath using a .125 bit (Tool Database has the tool with the diameter as .125) the slots are not going to be cut out. Wondering why?
The only way I can get it to work is to scale the plan up slightly or change the bit size in the tool database to .123, which I should not have to do.
I have measured the slot in the pattern and it is exactly .125"
I realize I can use a 1/16" bit but I don't want to.

Can someone please tell me why the toolpaths are not created?

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Re: Toolpath Creation

Post by Adrian »

You can't cut with the software like that. It's due to the way the program does calculations in those instance. As you've found you need to create a slightly undersized tool and use the real one for the actual cut or increase the size of the slots. The most efficient way to cut a slot that is the same size as the bit is to use a single vector and cut on it.

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