VTransfer & greetings

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VTransfer & greetings

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new to Vcarve Pro, VTransfer and this forum: greetings to all and … bear with me ;)

I've got a Shapeoko XL. My Vcarve Pro version is currently 9.516.
So far I've been using Carbide3D Motion for sending my GCODE and would like to use VTransfer because it seems to make sense to stick to one software family.

Some questions and things I noted:
First off: in Carbide Motion my homing position is 0/0, in VTransfer it's 845/840. Changing that in the machine settings doesn't seem to change anything. How is this done? Is there a way to emulate the CarbideMotion/Shapeoko behavior?

In the "Jog" part You don't get to see coordinates which would be really helpful (what's the use in jogging if You don't can't see where You're going? :) ).

Also, a "continuous mode" might be helpful when jogging, in addition to the existing single step speed settings.

I'd like to use the Carbide3D Touch Probe. As far as I see I can use the Z-probe function only (correct?). For that I have to enter the height of the probe (when using the "corner position" this would be 22 mm for me) in the Shapeoko ini file. Using the probe and trying to go to the Z=0 position will get me to deep. What did I do wrong?

Will there be the possibility to use edge finding with the Carbide3D probe also?

"Drive to enter coordinates": There's a "store as preset" button. I can store coordinates there and will get a list of presets. Alas, I can't seem to activate those presets afterwards (the coordinates aren't changed with the presets). Also, when I leave the "Drive to coordinates" menu and then go back my list of presets will be empty again.

Finally, if all goes wrong: I've read about using alternative programs for sending data in lieu of VTransfer from within VCarve. Would I be able to use CarbideMotion here? Has anyone done that successfully?

Lots of questions, Sorry. Next time I'll split it up, promise :)

Thank You.

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Re: VTransfer & greetings

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You might be better off emailing support directly, as the vast majority of users here do not use V Transfer.
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