Create Job Sheet use case

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Create Job Sheet use case

Post by wb9tpg »

I'm playing with the trial version of pro and testing the 'Create Job Sheet' function. I have a test case where I have a number of tool paths created but want to select only two of those tool paths to include in the job. This is normal for me as I have multiple box designs in one file and select multiple tool paths from a larger list when I run the job.

Whatever I do with the Create Job Sheet, it lists all the tool paths and not the one's I selected (with the checks). Is it possible to do what I'm looking for? It would be useful for me to document the multiple combinations of tool paths I need to run to create a given box in a Job Sheet.
Gary Mitchell
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Re: Create Job Sheet use case

Post by Adrian »

The Create Job sheet reports the whole job which includes all toolpaths. To get it to do only the selected (visible) toolpaths you would need to create a custom version of the gadget or send a request to Vectric to see if they could change it for a future version.

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Re: Create Job Sheet use case

Post by seanm »

Hi there, I can certainly see the benefits in this situation, I believe at the moment there is not a way to customise the gadget to check to see if a toolpath is selected, so this would need to be updated within the main software.

I shall add this to list of revisions for the job setup sheet.

Many thanks for your feedback.


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