what am i doing wronge

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what am i doing wronge

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i have created many many files but they do not cut corectly they look great but when icut they are always off the board anot 1/4 of a inch

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Tony Mac
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Hello Richard,

Looking at the VCW file and the Toolpath CNC code and the two seem to match.

This is easy to do,

Open the .tap file using NotePad and you will see the first move is to,

X1.2129 Y0.7722 Z0.2362

Open the 3D view + draw the toolpath

Place the cursor at the first plunge position – bottom left corner on the girls head
Look in the bottom right corner of the screen and it displays the X, Y & Z coordinates
These match the size in the toolpath file.

Do you set the X0 Y0 origin to be the bottom left corner of the material on your machine?

Can you try drawing a 6” square and 2D machining ON the line at say 0.040” deep and measuring the resulting shape – Is it square?

Is the shift always the same ¼” distance?
What control system are you running?
Does it include the option for origin / datum shifts?


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