Strange changes in Z axis while cutting

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Strange changes in Z axis while cutting

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I'm using a E3 CNC router. I had some problems that were not caused by the software so after I fixed them I decided to run a simple project to ensure everything was working. I set everything up in V-Carve Pro and then ran the roughing file. It worked fine. Then I ran the finishing file. It started out OK but about 20% into it the Z axis increased in the + direction about 1/8 inch and continued to follow the programs intended contour but 1/8 inch off the surface in other words, it wasn't cutting any wood. It continued this way until about 80% completion and the Z axis moved back down where it should be and cut the last 20%. It did this on 2 separate files.

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Re: Strange changes in Z axis while cutting

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Without seeing the VCarve file, and the GCode file, it would only be a wild guess. Machines that lose position don't gain it back later in the files.
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