toolpath options 3d cutting

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toolpath options 3d cutting

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In 3d cutting Rough & finishing what are the implications of choosing 'model boundary' or 'selected vector' - the simulations appear to be the same.


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Re: toolpath options 3d cutting

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If you Create a Vector Boundary Around Selected Components, it is about the same thing, but if you don't have a a vector drawn you'll get an error message telling you that you don't have a vector selected.

You might also have a vector drawn that doesn't completely cover the model, in which case only the part of the model covered by the vector boundary will be toolpathed.
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Re: toolpath options 3d cutting

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They will be if you use the model to generate the vector. If you need to restrict or expand the boundary for some reason, then draw your own vector.

For example, in this video: (2 minutes in)

I used a large pass depth and an aggressive bit to remove the perimeter material first, then went back with smaller passes and did a Z level rough
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