vcarve desktop and mach3

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vcarve desktop and mach3

Post by terry1956 »

hi. can anyone please let me know which is the best g code format in mm for mach3. I have tried one of the codes and the milling machine made the part 4 times the size it should of been. I checked that the g code had the mm code within it and that mach3 is set to mm. I know that the machine is set correctly in its movement on all 3 axis.
so not sure what to make of this. anyone have any ideas ??? thanks.

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Re: vcarve desktop and mach3

Post by sailfl »

I use Mach3, I have mine set at Mach 2/3 Arch(Inch)(*.txt) or replace Inch with mm. If your machine is set up for mm replace the Inch with mm.

Hope that helps.

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Re: vcarve desktop and mach3

Post by Makingtoothpicks »

Did you do a calibration of Mach3. If you tell it to move 10mm does it move 10 mm. Check your X and Y axis.
Just something to check.


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Re: vcarve desktop and mach3

Post by martin54 »

I use mach2/3(arcs) mm.txt for my machine control, you have said it's not the machine calibration which would normally be one of the first things I would suggest checking,

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