Large circle problem

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Large circle problem

Post by mickef »

With CUT2D I'm trying to cut a circle diameter 98 mm inside and 110 mm outside using pocket and a 3mm end mill.
I've tried doing this different ways but as soon as the cutter starts first cut it cuts the top half of the circle and then changes direction horizontally and tries to cut the bottom half in the wrong direction. Smashed into a clamp and broke the tool. Can't see what I'm doing wrong as have been using 6040 machine for over 2 years with no problems doing all sorts of work.

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Re: Large circle problem

Post by mtylerfl »


Please upload your Cut2D file here so we can help you find the problem.

If your file is too large to directly upload here, then use a free file transfer service such as DropBox and post the download link here.

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Re: Large circle problem

Post by TReischl »

How does the preview look?

If you have been doing this sort of thing for a couple of years then I would suspect something has either changed on your machine or possibly an incorrect post processor chosen.

Also, if you can read g code that is a good place to start your trouble shooting. If the g code is right then it is definitely a machine issue.
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