Imperial and Metric conversions

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Imperial and Metric conversions

Post by jt »

I just downloaded the demo version of VCarve. The first drawing I started was in mm. The next drawing I imported was an ACAD 2000 dxf file drawing inches. The material thicknes was .25" When the drawing opened it was reading mm so I changed the units to inches but when I went to do a 2D tool path the Toolpath Box was reading 25inches thick. What is the best way to open a drawing when you are using diffent units?

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Post by BrianM »

Hi jt,
The thickness is set on the same page you set the job dimensions when you open the file. You can also change it at any time from the Material Size form on the toolpath tab. The attached images should show this.


Changing material thickness after file has been loaded
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Setting material thickness when loading a file
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Post by jt »

Hi Brian

It seems like if I open a file say 1" and I click mm then the thickness is then 25.4mm. I click O.K. The toolpath box is updated but if I go to change the file back to inches the toolpath thickness doesn't get updated.


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Post by GP Guest »

Yes, I found the same issue but decided it doesn't really cause a problem as I always run in Inches. I guess the 'rest of the world' will cut in mm's and never imperial (?) so the problem goes away the first time you start a job - or have I missed something?

Great job guys!!


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