Suggestions on Cutting and gluing wooden hoops?

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Suggestions on Cutting and gluing wooden hoops?

Post by Rcnewcomb »

(Also posted on Shopbot forum)
I'm looking for cutting and gluing suggestions for the following:

Finished product: wooden hoops 11" in diameter, 2 5/8" high, with walls that are 1/2" inch thick

We want to stack different hard woods (maple, walnut, bloodwood, etc.) and have them glued together to create the hoop.

We will probably make glueups slightly larger than 11" inches using pie shaped pieces to avoid exposing end grain. I'll probably use is 4/4 or thinner wood since the desire is to show contrasting woods in the 2 5/8" tall hoop.

Given the 1/2" thickness of the hoop wall I'm not convinced that vacuum hold down will work since I would only have 16 square inches of area on the finished item (11" circle minus 10"circle). Leaving a skin and running them through the planer is an option. Are there other holddown methods I should consider?

The next problem is what is the best way to glue the laminations together. I could create a form, but what is the best way to apply uniform claming pressure? Should I try either a vacuum press for compressed air to apply clamping pressure? (I would have to build either of these clamping systems but I do already have vacuum and compressed air in the shop.)

Any suggestions on minimizing or cleaning up squeeze-out?

Later I'll want ideas on how to carve on the inside and outside of these hoops. :twisted:

- Randall

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Post by Edelwoodworks »

Glue your rings to a Piece of 3/4 Plywood. Between the Plywood and rings glue on both side of a heavy shop floor paper. This will allow you to break the bond when you need it and should have enough strength while you need it.

Good Luck.
Rod Edel
Edel Wood Designs

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