Alternative Save Directory Location

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Alternative Save Directory Location

Post by Edelwoodworks »

Tony or Brian

I am in the process of Installing a raid network storage device for my data files. Does Vcarve pro and other vectric programs have the ability to save a point to directory so that I do not have to select the network drive and location each and every time. If it doesnt It would be a very helpfull feature to store files off the computer and allows for easier access to stored g-code files from the Network Drive. This path information is usually stored in the preferences location. I have also seen in the *.ini files
Rod Edel
Edel Wood Designs

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Tony Mac
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Post by Tony Mac »

Hi Rod,

This is one for the Wish List.

Thanks for the feedback,


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Post by Geraldw »

Just a thought here. I do something similar in microsoft word. I went on and changed the registery so everythime I open, save, it starts in the same location every time.

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Post by Wemme »

While we are on the topic. This would be handy for my Setup.

1/ A Relocatable tool database say onto a network drive.
being able to import a tool from a CRV file.

2/ setable default CVR document drive/root directory.
3/ setable default Output drive/root directory.

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