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Make A Stand

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We need your expertise and advice to help us make a stand.

At our 2017 User Group Meeting our partners CNC Router Parts presented their adjustable standing desk project and gave away the project files for free. To download the free project files log into your V&CO account here: ... tandingdes

We’re conducting an experiment to see if we can work with our awesome community to produce an improved design. Whether that be out of alternative materials and components, wire management, reduced cost or complexity, or other interesting features, we’re looking for the best ideas to make the standing desk more affordable for others to make and to serve as inspiration for participants of the 2018 User Group Meeting!

1. We cannot change the integrity of the desk. It must be adjustable with a minimum height of 28” (710mm) and a Maximum height of 43” (1100mm)
2. The desk must be fit for purpose, It must be able to standalone and have a flat top that it able to hold a laptop

We will be taking your ideas and putting them together to make a whole new design, which will be used by the presenters at the 2018 User Group Meeting in Chicago!

You can contribute to the new design by suggesting a change to one single element or to the whole design.

The User Group Meeting is being held on 12th and 13th October at the Embassy Suites hotel in downtown Chicago.

Interested in making your own adjustable standing desk?
Based on the current design the desk as currently designed costs around $700 to reproduce using the same 20mm Linear Rails and Blocks. This has been calculated based on the materials and components used. Find the BOM here ... p-497.html.

A more cost-effective version of the design replaces the industrial linear rails with heavy duty cabinet slides, or another captive slide solution (keep an eye on this thread for updates). If you make your own standing desk, make sure to post your ideas and pictures here and tag our social media channels using #cncmakeastand, we’d love to see what you’ve made!

Watch the full video here of how the original standing desk was made:
Standing Desk 1.jpg
Standing Desk 2.jpg
Standing Desk 3.jpg
Standing Desk 7.jpg
Standing Desk 8.jpg

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