Using cut2d with 3018 prover v2

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Using cut2d with 3018 prover v2

Post by kcormier »

I am trying to use cut2d with my prover v2....but alarms keep going off when I try to start my project....I also use easel..and I do not have any trouble. In cut2d I export the Toolpath and then load it onto my offline controller...same as I do in easel

Wondering if anyone else has the same setup..perhaps I can get one of your check out the difference in settings etc.

looking for any help I can get to solve this problem...I just bout cut2d 3 days ago...will I regret my decision...



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Re: Using cut2d with 3018 prover v2

Post by Adrian »

Are you using the correct post processor for the machine when saving the toolpaths? Are there any messages with the alarms? What are they saying?

Quite a few of those types of machines will only work with metric cut files so make sure that you are using a metric post processor.

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Re: Using cut2d with 3018 prover v2

Post by adze_cnc »

This page at Genmitsu seems to have a “whacking great” amount of good information. Including grbl erro codes. You can also glean from that you’d be using a grbl post-processor (I would expect Cut2D to support that).

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