Migrating Post-Processors for fixing POST_BASE errors

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Migrating Post-Processors for fixing POST_BASE errors

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In V11.0, we have removed support for the POST_BASE variable from our post-processors. If you don't know what that is, that's great and you don't need to read this (unless you're curious of course).

If you've been getting errors after migrating from V8.5 to V11 (onwards) which look something like this, please read on..

Code: Select all

[Configuration PP]
 POST_BASE is no longer supported. Please update your post to the latest version, or merge it with the base post "Next_Wave_CNC.pp".
On line 27 of file
 C:\ProgramData\Vectric\Cut2D Pro\V11.0\My_PostP\Next_Wave_CNC_mm.pp
 POST_BASE = "Next_Wave_CNC.pp"

The post-processor in question is out of date. There are 2 courses of action here to rectify this,
  1. If you made no changes to the post-processor, please move this somewhere safe and just use the Vectric-provided post-processor. Check the output is what you would expect. Add this post-processor to your machine configuration (through the Machine Configuration dialog for better organisation (if you have not done so already)).
  2. If you have made changes, please follow this migration guide.