Machine cut deeper

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Machine cut deeper

Post by meiralon »


I have made a pocket toolpath with Cut depth of 0.035mm, but the machine goes deeper for about 0.2mm more.
usually i do auto level to the machine to place the tip on z=0 at the surface of the material.
is this issue related to the home position or clearance ?
I have seen that the home position at z is about 20.3 mm (this was default setup).
how this can be fixed ?
Thank you


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Re: Machine cut deeper

Post by Adrian »


It's almost certainly nothing to do with the Vectric side of things. These sorts of problems are posted all the time and they always turn out to be issues with the machine or controller software.

Home positions, clearances etc are all set in the Material Setup at the top of the toolpath tab. They wouldn't be causing the issue though unless you've got them set to exceed the maximum available Z travel on your machine and you're hitting stops and consequently losing steps.

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Re: Machine cut deeper

Post by adze_cnc »

0.035mm is approximately 1/4 the thickness of a sheet of normal paper. 0.2mm is approximately twice the thickness of a sheet of normal paper.

If your material is not held down firmly enough, the place the material is mounted is not parallel to the XY plane, or the material has variability in its thicknes I would expect this to be a normal side-effect of trying to cut so shallow a pocket.

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Re: Machine cut deeper

Post by Dale Yeager »

I wish I could trust my (DIY) machine to be that accurate. When you talk about having machining a pocket at a depth of .035mm, is this after you machine the top surface? If you are not machining the to surface first how are you setting your "Z" zero to the top surface? I would like to add that on top of variances in the material, have you tested your machine to see if it really can be reliable enough to hold the tolerances you are talking about?

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