Matching Pairs of Tabs

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Matching Pairs of Tabs

Post by KerfWorks »

I wondered if this is a feature that I just dont know about yet....

We cut most of our stuff with a 8mm cutter, our nesting software is set to separate the parts 10mm. This means that we never have an "offcut" that the parts are tabed on to but rather they are tabbed on to each other, this means we have to click twice for each "tab" we want. (See image below).

Is there a way that if you insert a tab, if there is another part that is with X distance it will also add a matching tab to that part auotmatically. The tabs have to be well lined up with either other otherwise the profile cut on the oposite toolpath cuts the other tab off and vica versa.

Its not the end of the world but with this we could place tabs in literally half of the time! Below is a typical type of sheet we cut.

Double Tabs
Double Tabs
Amount of tabs
Amount of tabs

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Re: Matching Pairs of Tabs

Post by Adrian »

No way that I can think of to that as standard but you could certainly write a gadget to do it if you know how to program.

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