Selecting the right software version

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Selecting the right software version

Post by acdii »

Hi All, I am getting into laser cutting for RC planes and such, and was pointed to this software. It does what I want as far as taking a copy of a part from a PDF of a set of plans, dropping it on Layer1, then placing layers on top to trace out the actual cutting portion. The Laser uses other software and accepts DXF, AI, and a few others.

So my question is, which version, Desktop or Pro? I know the Desktop is limited to 24 x 24, and I am OK with that for now, the majority of what I will be doing is under 24" in size. Are there other limitations that would prevent me from working from A-Z?

Also, what would I set for the post processor?

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My two penn'orth

Post by Martin Reid »

Dear acdii

I see you have not had much response to you query.

Firstly I must say that I've never used 'desktop' as we have vCarve pro (shopbot edition)

There have been similar pro vs desktop posts here. published
vcarve pro vs desktop - V Carve Pro is about double the price and includes some additional features that are more apt to a production environment (such as part nesting). The main difference is that VCarve Desktop is limited to a 24×24″ work area, which is perfect for most of our machines.
Which do I choose, Desktop or Pro?
24" x 24" work area limit
No Nesting/Plate Layout
No Toolpath Templates or Merging Toolpaths
No Gadget Scripting/Automation
No Job Set-up Sheets
No Size Limit
True Shape Nesting
Merging Toolpaths
Toolpath Templates
Gadget Scripting/Automation
Job Setup Sheets

I'm not sure what special features you require for a laser.

Sincerely and in good faith

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Re: Selecting the right software version

Post by JimG »

There is (or was?) a version of Cut2D specifically for laser cutters called Cut2D Laser. I got my copy bundled with my Emblaser cutter a year or two ago and I think I remember the last update to the software was just over a year ago. However, I've just done a Google search and it seems as though Vectric really don't want it to be known about since I came up with nothing. :) It works very well but there is a very annoying bug in the last update of a year ago which I reported to Vectric, but I haven't heard anything since and no further update has appeared to correct it.


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Re: Selecting the right software version

Post by seanm »

Hi acdii

Cut2D Desktop will be fine if what you are after is a Vector Drawing package which can export vectors as DXF to be processed by the control software for the machine.
The limit on the Desktop Edition applies to creating toolpaths within the software, and since you will be creating the toolpaths for the laser with the control software package, Cut2D Desktop will be fine for your needs.

Hope this helps,

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