different cutters

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David Tolley
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different cutters

Post by David Tolley »

Hi All

completed the first test cut on the Workbee which went well but with a couple of minor errors (toolpath left a ridge to the bottom of the work piece, which I have put down to material movement, we wait and see on that one.

todays obvious question from the newby as follows:

I wish to cut out a shape with a 0.25mm cutter, however I then wish to add txt with a 0.125 cutter, can this be done in one design or do I need to copy the design and add the txt only on design no 2 with the smaller cutter, or do I use the filter option or how do I do this please.

Many Thanks for your help and advice


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Re: different cutters

Post by Adrian »

The whole thing can be done in one Cut2D file but you'll need to generate two cutting files. One for the 0.25mm bit and one for 0.125mm bit.

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