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Hello, I recently registered in this forum and I want to introduce myself, my name is Jose Manuel Martin Mateos and I am from Seville, in Spain, first of all I apologize for my English, (thank you, google translator), I have been with me for a short time CNC and I have not yet done many things, anyway, I would like to share with everyone a small project I carry out with Cut2D, it is a typical instrument of Spain, some castanets, first of all you have to do the inner face, when doing this part too It makes a border on the right side that serves to place the piece in the same place when I turn it over and afterwards make the outer face, I hope you like it, greetings.
castañuela cara interior.crv
(1.76 MiB) Downloaded 15 times
castañuela cara superior terminada.crv
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Re: Greetings

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Welcome aboard Tornavi
I think you will find this is the friendliest place on the WWW. Your questions and/or comments are always welcome.


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Re: Greetings

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Hello Jose!

We are a friendly bunch in this forum. Thanks for sharing the files.

If you get a chance can you post some pics of your items? Always fun to see what others are doing.

About the english, some of us do not speak it very well either and we have been wrecking it all our lives. :shock:
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