Cut2D Desktop & Pro Version 11 are OUT NOW!

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Cut2D Desktop & Pro Version 11 are OUT NOW!

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Cut2D Desktop & Pro Version 11 are available now!

We are delighted to announce the release of Cut2D Desktop & Pro V11!

Version 11 is a free upgrade to everyone who has purchased version 10.5 for the first time in the last 12 months or upgraded from a previous version to version 10.5 in the past 3 months!

If you’re entitled to a free upgrade, your version 11 software has been credited to your V&Co account automatically. To access your version 11 software, simply sign into your V&CO account using your registered email address and click on ‘DOWNLOAD your software’.

Alternatively, If you are not entitled to a free upgrade, you can purchase the upgrade to Cut2D Desktop V11 for $50 USD (excludes local taxes) or Cut2D Pro V11 for $110 USD (excludes local taxes).

To see all of the new and enhanced features in action, click below to watch our short ‘what’s new’ videos:
Cut2D Desktop:

Cut2D Pro:

The release of version 11 includes lots of new features including; multi sheet support for easy management of multi material projects, spell checking, enhanced post processor management, whole line text kerning and much more!

Enables you to organize your work through the new sheet management tab. Each sheet can become its own project, making it an ideal solution when you are working on projects with multiple materials.

We’ve introduced an option in the set size tool to allow you to resize vectors within a selection on an individual basis allowing you to resize multiple vectors to a value or percentage.

In various text entry fields spelling errors will now be underlined in red. You can locate the correct spelling from the right click menu to automatically replace the incorrect word.

When working in a two sided project you can now take advantage of the new option to swap sides from the edit menu, where the software will swap over all of the content that is on one side to the other.

From V11 it will be possible to add and configure different machines. Each machine can have a set of post-processors defined, and a separate tool database, so that machine settings, post-processors, and tool feeds and speeds can be kept in sync.

The edit text spacing tool has been enhanced so that you can now adjust the spacing between all characters on a line in one go.

When using the pocket toolpath, the detection of previously removed material has been significantly improved. If an area of material has already been cut by a larger tool that area should be skipped with subsequent tools resulting in faster machining times when multi-tool pocketing.

When creating vectors using the polyline and draw curve tool you can take advantage of the undo shortcut to be able to easily undo the last span.

It is now possible to delete multiple layers from the right click menu within the layers menu.

The laser cut & fill toolpath has seen improvements to the hatch fill option, when selecting multiple vectors in your job to hatch fill, you can now specify to 'fill together' or 'fill regionally'. When using the fill together option the laser head will fill out selected regions in one motion, in some cases this would result in faster machining times as the laser head doesn't need to slow down on a per region basis. The 'fill regionally' option will fill in each region before moving on to the next.

We've also added the ability to specify whether you want to outline your hatch fill too, so now you can create hatching that would simulate shaded areas without the solid outline.

Everyone running Cut2D V10+ on a computer with internet access will see an update notification in the top right-hand corner of its main window. Simply click on the notification link, log in to your V&Co account and checkout the latest V11 features.

If you run Cut2D on a computer without internet access, you can still access your account and download version 11 from any other internet enabled computer by visiting the V&Co site directly using your web browser.

Please note: V11 is a complete installation that will install alongside and independently of your existing software. Once you've installed V11, your previous version will still be available so make sure you are running the latest version by checking the text in the main window title bar (top-left). As soon as you are happy with your update, you can go ahead and uninstall your previous version.

Forgotten your V&Co password?
Just follow the forgotten password link under password entry box on the V&Co login page to reset it.

Forgotten your V&Co username?
This is usually the email address you registered with us when you first purchased your software. If you are still not sure, follow the link to email support and we can help you get back up and running.

Enjoy V11 from everyone at Vectric 😊

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