adding a curve to a circle

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adding a curve to a circle

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Anyone had this problem, I am trying to make a pocket for a spanner tray, most of the time all goes well, I create a circle and two lines for the handle, the lines are stopped just short of the circle and then I want to create a curve from the line to the circle, both the line and the circle have a guide line where I want to connect both, making a web between them.
As I said most if the time all goes well but sometimes I cannot get the line for the web to connect to the circle unless I focus in to the max, which is a bit of a pain.
I've tried restarting the program, rebooting the computer, even rebooting the wife ( that doesn't work either and the food tastes a bit strange for a while) posting.php?mode=post&f=18#

Any suggestions

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Re: adding a curve to a circle

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1. Draw the lines to cross the circle.
2. Use the trim tool (With the rejoin box checked). Trim away the circle between the lines
3. Trim lines beyond where they cross the circle.
4. Use the fillet tool to add the desired curves.
Circle curve.png
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Re: adding a curve to a circle

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Hello John,

Another method would be to draw rectangles that overlap the circles, select all of the vectors and then use the 'Weld Selected Vectors' tool to create the shapes. On the current version of the software, the intersections could also be filleted if this is desired.



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