Carve for a friend

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Carve for a friend

Post by scotttarnor »

A coworker's Brother passed away and he asked me to do a carve for him, He was very set in his way on the layout(I believe I would have done it different) and he also wanted it rough like a packing crate.
His brother was a Press operator and loved his boat a Cruiser. He wanted a Franklin Press and a Cruiser on the front.
I think they turned out fairly well for what I had to work with
tim box front.jpg
Scott T


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Re: Carve for a friend

Post by Bob Reda »

very nice

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Re: Carve for a friend

Post by TReischl »

Turned out nicely, I especially like the printing press, has that old time look to it. The boat is good too, looks right sitting in the water.
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Re: Carve for a friend

Post by scottp55 »

You gave the recipient what he wanted Scott.
Well Done!
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