My First Lithophane Attempt

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My First Lithophane Attempt

Post by JMan »

:P I followed everyone's advice and so far turned pretty decent I think. It's 7x4.7 and I took it from a National Geographic site. Any advice on what I could do better?

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Re: My First Lithophane Attempt

Post by Rcnewcomb »

The lithophane looks great. Building the right light box for display will really help set it off. Search on the site for examples that others have created.
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Re: My First Lithophane Attempt

Post by dhellew2 »

As Randall said, lighting is everything. I like led's but you do need to use a diffuser to reduce or eliminate hot spots from the individual bulbs. I use the same stuff as found in fluorescent lights, available from places like Home Depot and Lowes. It usually takes two or more layers to make a uniform light.
Just to give some more ideas, here is one method I've used [downloadable pdf]: ... ts#p148568
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Re: My First Lithophane Attempt

Post by Xxray »

I think OP just shone a light behind it for purposes of a pic, hopefully a proper box/lighting is planned.

Looks nice to me, looks like the corian could use trimming is about it. I probably would have also cropped the image a bit before running it through software to cut out unnecessary grass/dead space and focus more on the subject. That chunk of sidewalk for sure I would have eliminated ,,, I thought it was a machine error at first, just looks out of place and distracting.

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