My first litho

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My first litho

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Here is my first litho. I used a cheapo cutting board with a 3/32 ballnose end mill. This was done in one pass at 45% stepover. It was supposed to be the roughing pass but i liked the way it looked so i didn't do a finish. I think it looks good for only 45 min. on the machine, it's hard to tell by the pictures, it looks much better in person. Size is about 4x4. Of course my son is the model.

Doing this litho and another one right after i discovered an interesting problem about using the cheap boards. The boards i got were 3/8" thinck so i milled them down to .25". When i removed all the excess material the board seemed to warp up off the table. When i went to cut the litho it warped to the point of pulling off the double sided tape and the bit almost went right through. In one spot it is thinner than a sheet of paper.
Anyone have similar problems? Or any solutions?


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Hi Ryan,

The lithophane looks great!

It's amazing how much detail appears when these projects are cut
even with relatively large cutters. You don't necessarily have to run
the machine for hours using a small cutter and stepover.


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