66 Ford Cobra Pine Car

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66 Ford Cobra Pine Car

Post by iacomputerguy »

My daughter (8) attends AWANA which is a kids club at our church.(Click here to learn more.) They have a Grand Prix, similar to the Scout's Pinewood Derby. Since I have a CNC router now, I thought I'd help her take her car up a notch. Between the use of Google SketchUp and Cut3D we were able to make an old Ford Cobra which was pretty close to scale with the real thing. I did have to squish it a bit in order to fit in the rules. She was very proud. (OK dad may have been a bit too involved this year. She did have lots of fun working together with me though.)
2014 AWANA Grand Prix Car
2014 AWANA Grand Prix Car

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Re: 66 Ford Cobra Pine Car

Post by rscrawford »

That's pretty awesome!!
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Re: 66 Ford Cobra Pine Car

Post by martin54 »

No sorry to me that's just cheating :shock:

Mind you it is pretty cool :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

My Dad was never very good at that sort of stuff, if we had been working on a project together to build something I would have had to take the lead lol

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Re: 66 Ford Cobra Pine Car

Post by rsetina »

Funny you should post this. A co-worker asked if I'd rough cut his son's pine wood derby car, just this morning. He'd be surprised if I came back with a rough cut car and something like this.

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Re: 66 Ford Cobra Pine Car

Post by garylmast »

Maybe the rules are changing. I just did my nephew's son a corvette. I didn't spend as much time so it wasn't as cool as this Cobra. Nice Job.

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Re: 66 Ford Cobra Pine Car

Post by kp91 »

Looks great!

My girls always did a lot of work on their cars, but a few of the Dads would build a car and go crazy on it.

We had "cut nights" where the kids could bring their car's to us and we would rough out their blanks, or teach them how to do it themselves. I wish I was as good and fast with the bandsaw as their designs required sometimes.

It's definitely something they are proud of, I still have one car I cut 40+ years ago.
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Re: 66 Ford Cobra Pine Car

Post by jarm2 »

The car is very cool, but the whole point of the derbys is for the kids to do the build. I helped my son with several of these and gave advice and watched closely while he used tools. He did the work and was justifiably proud of his accomplishments. He earned eagle with a palm and learned along the way. I admire the dad's participation, but I think his daughter missed out on the opportunity to gain some valuable skills. Also it was unfair to the other competitors who did the work themselves. If the daughter did the design and operated the CNC, then she could be proud of the new skills she had learned.
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